IMPORTANT: Saturday Practices

Here are the details for Saturday practices.

SESSION 1: High School Girls, Middle School Boys and Middle School Girls
Drop Off 11:40am to 11:55am
Practice 12pm to 1:30pm
Pick Up 1:35pm-1:45pm

SESSION 2: High School Boys
Drop Off 1:10pm to 1:25pm
Practice 1:30pm to 3pm
Pick Up 3:05pm to 3:15pm

SAFETY PROTOCOLS – Please read the following guidelines carefully. Our protocols will be strictly enforced. No exceptions.

For those entering the Ransom Everglades campuses, we need your help affirming that you are healthy. To do this at scale, RE is using a mobile app called LiveSave that connects directly and securely with our campus medical services. You can download the app and create a profile in just a few minutes by clicking HERE or by downloading the LiveSafe app from the App Store or Google Play Store. When getting started, select Ransom Everglades School. A flyer of the LiveSafe app is attached.

To enter campus and attend practice each day, an athlete must take and pass the LiveSafe health screening and record a temperature no higher than 99.9 °F before leaving home. If you are symptom free you will see the green check mark confirmation page. Please be ready to present it to a coach. This confirmation will also be emailed to the address you entered in the screening.

When you pull into the campus please take a right-hand turn and park between the auditorium and the edge of campus. Please turn on your flashers until a coach has come to your vehicle and show him/her your health screening confirmation. Parents will not be allowed to exit the vehicle for any reason. Parents must then depart campus after drop off. Coaches will escort masked players in a single file line, 6 feet apart, to the pool deck.

There are fifteen minutes allotted for drop off. If you arrive before the assigned window, please do not try to enter campus. We ask that you park along Franklin Ave or Charles Ave (NOT Main Highway) and wait. Please do not arrive late. If you miss the drop off window, we will not be able to leave the pool deck and escort your player across campus.

There are ten minutes allotted for pick up. If your player cannot stay for the full session, it would be best to not come that day because players cannot leave the pool deck without a coach and parents cannot walk to the pool deck in the middle of practice. The only exception is for emergencies.

Athletes walking or biking to/from campus must communicate with their coach beforehand. Upon arrival, they will need to wait at the front of campus, wearing a mask, until they present their health screening confirmation to a coach before being allowed on campus.


  • There will be no shower or locker room usage. Please have your player ready to enter the pool. They should be wearing clothes over their suit and have already applied sunscreen.
  • There will be one bathroom open for boys and another for girls. Only one person at a time. Bathroom use should be for emergencies only. The bathrooms will be sanitized each night.
  • There will only be one athlete per lane.
  • Bags will be placed on the floor in front of their lane. We suggest packing a large plastic bag inside your water polo bag. If it rains, we will have kids place their water polo bags inside the plastic bag to protect it, and continue practice.
  • If there is lightning, the team will go underneath the grandstands into the parking garage. We will continue practice with a dry land workout.
  • There is only one entry to the pool and one exit to the pool.
  • All athletes will travel in a group of 10 including the coach. No one is allowed through campus without a coach.
  • The coach will bring the athletes back to the front of campus after practice to be picked up.

Participation is optional. Parents and athletes should determine what is in the best interest of their family’s health and safety before participating. Please reach out if you have any questions!

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