Tentative Summer Training + Junior Olympics

Based on the summer sign up, below is the tentative info for the summer training trip and Junior Olympics. We will continue to post updates as we get closer to the summer. Please note this is only tentative and contingent on a few factors, including having enough players (mainly on the girls’ roster) and coaches’ availability. Also, the teams will be preparing for the Junior Olympics in Miami during the regular summer practices, especially in the month of July. These practices are just as important in order to perform well as a team.

Please note: there may be a Junior Olympics Qualification tournament in June, depending on the number of teams that register from the Southeast Zone. That info will be posted once determined in May.

Boys California Trip Dates: July 6-18

  • July 6-14: Training
  • July 15-18: JOs Session I – Boys 16 & Under Team

Girls California Trip Dates: July 11-23

  • July 11-19: Training
  • July 20-23: JOs Session II – Girls 16 & Under Team

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