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USA WATER POLO MEMBERSHIP (USAWP): All players must register with USA Water Polo in order to participate in any club water polo practices or tournaments. If you would like to try a club practice before joining officially, there is a free 14-day trial membership for new members, that you must sign up for in advance.
Link to Membership Types, Pricing and Benefits / Link to USA Water Polo Website (to become a new member)

RAIDER WATER POLO CLUB DUES: Our club charges annual dues to cover basic operation costs: pool rental fees, training and game equipment, coaching fees, tournament entry fees, and administrative costs. We send electronic invoices via Square, where you can pay online with a credit or debit card, or you have the option to mail a check. Club membership renewal invoices go out in January. Dues vary based on the program. We offer prorated dues to new members who join midyear.


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What to bring to practice: suit, towel, goggles, water bottle. We also recommend wearing/bringing workout attire, socks and sneakers in case there is lightning and we have a dry land workout.

Weather Policy: The lightning radar alerts us when lightning strikes within an 8 mile radius. At that time, everyone needs to exit the pool and clear the pool deck. If that happens, practice moves to the gym where we do a dry land workout until the all clear alert is given (30 minutes after the last lightning strike within 8 miles). If we do a full hour of dry land, and the lightning is still within 8 miles, we will let the kids leave at that time.